I-4/SR 408 Interchange Improvement Project

Interchange will be transformed beginning in 2006 to accommodate traffic in the fastest growing region in the state.

The Florida Department of Transportation will begin work on improvements to the I-4/SR 408 interchange beginning early next year. Located in downtown Orlando, the I-4/SR 408 interchange is Central Florida's busiest interchange and must be improved to efficiently accommodate the increased traffic that accompanies the region's rapid growth. Upcoming enhancements will be a vital tool in managing traffic congestion for the greater Orlando Metro area of 1.8 million residents.

The interchange project will include the construction of two flyover ramps from SR 408 to eastbound Interstate 4. These ramps will allow traffic to enter the interstate from either direction on SR 408 and will eliminate the existing bottleneck. The project will also feature a new Anderson Street bridge, a new exit ramp to Anderson Street from westbound I-4 and a new entrance ramp to I-4 westbound from Anderson Street. Aesthetic treatments will serve to enhance the visual appeal of the I-4/SR 408 interchange and maintain a sense of style for downtown Orlando.

Construction work began on the three year project on Monday, April 3, 2006.

Additional information on the evolution of I-4 and the
I-4/SR 408 improvement project is available at www.trans4mation.org or by calling the toll free Trans4mation number at 888-454-4884.