Next time you’re at Amway Center cheering on the Blue and White, take time to Think Green®. The Orlando Magic, in partnership with Waste Management and the City of Orlando, has brought “single-stream” recycling to the Amway Arena.

Waste Management’s recycling program uses advanced technology that allows you to deposit all of your recyclables in one container. You can toss into one of our 62 convenient recycling containers:

Paper: Programs, schedules, posters/signs, milk and juice cartons, newspaper, magazines, coffee cups (no lids or straws), popcorn boxes (must be empty).

Plastic: Water bottles, soda bottles, cups (no lids or straws), beer containers.

Aluminum drink cans.

· Glass bottles

Please help us also keep trash out of the recycling containers. As a general rule, food containers or items that have food on them cannot be recycled (with the exception of completely empty popcorn boxes).

We hope that you will join the Magic in recycling at the Amway Center. Single-stream recycling is a slam dunk.